doctor holding skeletal model of human wrist

Dr. Beck saved my fingers!

Dr. John Beck is unquestionably the finest surgeon and hand specialist that I have ever had the good fortune to encounter. During a serious boating accident last summer, two of my fingers were crushed at every joint, severing arteries and causing significant tendon and nerve damage. I was flown from the San Juan Islands to the Pacific Northwest’s largest trauma center. There I was misdiagnosed and patched together in “mash unit” fashion.

The trauma center then directed me to their hand specialist. Despite the fact that I was facing disfigurement and severe loss of functionality, I found that the only appointment available was six days out. Further, the appointment was not with the specialist but his assistant.  I have always been an active, hands-on person at work and at home. Even partial loss of the ability to use my dominant hand would have been devastating. Rather than wait a week, I went to plan B.  I was in Dr. Beck’s office within an hour of receiving the referral. Surgery was scheduled for the next morning. Without Dr. Beck’s precise diagnosis and expedited strategy, I would have lost at least one finger and the top digit of another finger on my dominant hand.

Dr. Beck’s professionalism and masterful skills were extraordinary. He answered every one of my concerns and predicted exactly what would happen throughout all stages of my recovery. His patient-centered culture and first class team was exemplified by Ann Erickson and the entire Proliance Hand, Wrist & Elbow Physicians staff.

Most importantly, Dr. Beck saved my fingers! I can’t say enough about him—Dr. John Beck is truly “Best in Class”.

~ John H.

It was a pleasure having Dr. Galle treat me!

I found him to be very personable, low key and unpretentious. He tried to treat my injury by non-invasive means initially and when it didn’t work, discussed alternatives with me. We decided on surgery and he knows his craft well. I have had a few surgeries and I know when a deft hand has been applied. I highly recommend him. I could not be more pleased with the care I received.

~ Larry Deb.

My experience with Dr. Guyette was amazing!

I am writing to both endorse Proliance Hand, Wrist & Elbow Physicians and recommend Dr. Todd Guyette. I became a patient of Dr. Guyette in November of 2012 due to advanced arthritis in my fingers causing decreased range of motion due to pain and stiffness. I’ve since had two successful surgeries. I couldn’t be more pleased throughout the entire process and with the results.

More important, my experience was amazing. Dr. Guyette is compassionate, caring, good-humored and an absolute pleasure to have as a doctor. Dr. Guyette’s standard of excellence creates a level of confidence and I would highly recommend him and Proliance Hand, Wrist & Elbow Physicians.

~ Tamara L.

My appointment with Dr. Galle went very well!

He looked closely at my swollen thumb joint and gave me what my options might be going forward. Decided on a conservative plan of treatment for the time being. I thought he was attentive, caring, took his time with me and was very professional. I would certainly recommend him to others.

~ Silvia F.

The first thing I noticed about Dr. Beck is he is incredibly charismatic.

This characteristic is also apparent throughout his staff, which personally did wonders in helping me through my recovery.

I suffered a serious table saw injury that almost cost me my left hand.  I had a complicated 11.5 hour surgery performed by Dr. Beck and he was able to completely save my hand.  During my hospital stay, he made time to stop in and patiently answer the many questions I had regarding my situation and recovery process.

I spent a lot of time with Dr.Beck, his staff and therapy department and I cannot express how lucky I was to receive their care and expertise.  I was out of work for three months due to the amount of physical therapy required for my recovery. Kristen Rosen and Dr. Beck worked closely together and with me to ensure my therapy was tailored to my needs and would go as smoothly as possible. Their constant encouragement and positive energy was appreciated more than they know.  They were the friends and professionals I needed, and knowing I could not have been in better care gave me great peace of mind in a lengthy and stressful situation. Thanks to them I recovered almost completely from a life altering accident and had minimal loss of function.

~ Neal H.

Because they care, I’m starting to regain a normal life.

Hello, my name is Israel Aparicio M. and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Guyette for almost a year. This is my testimony about Proliance Hand Wrist & Elbow Physicians’ medical services.

Three years ago  I had an accident and lost almost all mobility in my left hand. It was very hard for me because I’m left-handed. After 1 year of having too many painful therapies, my  attending physician explained to me that there was not much hope for recovery. I was very sad that day but I decided to seek another medical opinion.

With great relief I found the clinic of Dr. Guyette a few months ago and at my first medical appointment, I received a very positive and hopeful response from Dr. Guyette and his staff. A few months after surgery by Dr. Guyette, my injury was surprisingly better. He recommended continuous therapy and after a while, I started to get amazing results in my recovery. I am very grateful to Dr Guyette and his staff for the results. Because they care, I’m starting to regain a normal life.

~ Israel Aparicio M.

It is rare these days to find the unique qualities Dr. Beck and Dr. Guyette exhibit.

History and fate combined that awarded me the opportunity to work with PWHE. My wife had former experience with Dr. Guyette. Several years ago after a severe break with her wrist, we were concerned that it potentially had not healed correctly. Something was just “not right”. After the casting stage and entering the Physical Therapy stage, the Physical Therapist agreed things seemed odd. The PT highly recommended. Dr Guyette, (formerly of WHS), to gain a second opinion about her situation. Dr. Guyette was professional, and very candid in assessing the situation with her wrist. His caring and concern for her well being, instantly created a bond, and he gained her trust and confidence from the very first visit.

My opportunity to work with PWHE came as I was in the Emergency Room with what was beyond a shattered wrist. In an urgent medical situation, requiring immediate attention due to a compound fracture, my wife inquired about the possibility to having Dr Guyette perform surgery. As fate would have it, Dr Guyette was in the hospital that very day. However, he had no means of adjusting his schedule to accommodate me. In turn, another surgeon from PWHE was also at the hospital, and could juggle his schedule. Enter Dr. Beck. Dr. Beck from the onset established credibility with his honest and forthright candor. He laid it down just how badly my wrist was damaged, with complications of a severed artery. I appreciated that honesty. His bedside manner was gentle and light, but he continued assure me that he was confident in his abilities. Dr. Beck outlined his surgical approach in briefing me pre-op. That plan went out the window, as he had to spend an additional 3.5 hours to patch me up. Post op, he was there to explain as simply as he could what he had done, and the plan he outlined for me. His attention to detail was amazing. I saw him each of the 4.5 days I was in the hospital, and our visits were never rushed. There was potential complications that he continued to monitor day and night with updates by the nursing staff. At age 54, with the severity of my break, he confided in me his plan to agressively pursue physical therapy, to gain as much mobility and usability of the wrist as possible. Dr. Beck crafted a 3 way relationship. Himself, a Physical Therapist, and me. I was never in the dark, I was part of every strategy session, and it worked like hand in glove. They set realistic goals based on my input. It is rare these days to find the unique qualities Dr. Beck and Dr. Guyette exhibit.

It was a blessing that things turned out as they did. I am still actively involved with my healing plan. While frustrated that my life is complicated with current limitations, I am at peace that I have the best care possible, to give me the best possible chance for better quality of life moving forward. My wife and I both rave about PWHE and cannot recommend them highly enough.

~ Mark Z.

Dr. Anderson is authentically kind.

He listens to my concerns about my orthopedic issues pertaining to hand, wrist and elbow, which have required 3 surgeries and follow-up care. Throughout my 3 surgeries, I have placed 100% confidence in Dr. Anderson’s expertise on getting me through the steps towards recovery and back to a very active lifestyle. It’s the trusting patient-physician partnership that makes the difference as to why I choose Dr. Anderson.

~ Karen A.

Amazing Work!

This review is for Dr. Kurt Anderson and the amazing work that he did on my finger infection.

I had an internal suture in my left hand ring finger from my previous surgery which was performed in California. After couple of months I moved to Seattle area and observed that the internal suture had worked its way out of my skin. Soon it developed an infection which spread rapidly and consumed my whole finger just in a matter of few days. I was then referred to Dr Anderson by a physician at a local urgent care clinic. On the first appointment itself, not only Dr. Anderson made me realize the gravity of the infection but also performed a quick and diligent surgery to remove the infected suture out of my body. In the following visits, I see marked improvement in my condition and after few visits my finger was completely healed. Dr. Anderson is very experienced, diligent and also very patient while answering questions to one’s satisfaction. I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Anderson for the surgery and my quick recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Anderson to all those who are suffering from any kind of hand, wrist or elbow injury.

~ Sameer

Dr. Galle is knowledgeable, patient, pleasant and truly listens.

He carefully diagnoses ailments and methodically provides a sensible treatment plan. Now, I am confident chronic pain will be alleviated.

~ Scott T.