Learning more about Hand Surgery.

Experiencing hand problems can be stressful on many different levels. Every day, we use our hands in so many different ways that a debilitating condition can quickly become overwhelming.

The joints, tendons, and muscles in the hand and upper extremity are keys to proper sensation and movement. Consequently, when a problem occurs, care must be given to all the different types of tissues that make function in the hand possible.

The staff at Proliance Hand, Wrist & Elbow Physicians is committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care to each and every one of our patients. We are also sensitive and responsive to the issues facing their families and support network. With today’s medical advances, hand surgeons are able to perform a wide variety of operations – as well as non-surgical treatments – that can help restore comfort, mobility, and proper appearance.

Knowing as much as possible beforehand can help ease anxiety and confusion. An excellent resource for more information and education about hand surgery is the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. You can visit their website at www.assh.org.